Stonefield Road c1903

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Stonefield Road 1903

Stonefield was the subject of a campaign to elevate it to burgh status in 1878, although the plan didn’a get much support from the ordinary members of the public who seemed to equate the promotion with nothing other than higher taxes. A poll was eventually held, which came out against the issue and had local characters such as Tam Tod gloating that the ‘fors’ had made ‘an awfu’ show o’ themselves’.

Gas lamps, dirt roads.

St. Joseph’s Church and School opposite in Glasgow Road. Built in 1878 and was used weekdays as a school and Sundays and Holy Days as a Chapel, replacing the Hall of Worship in Dixon’s Rows which was four house units converted into a church hall. The Church could accommodate 620 sittings.

 Stonefield Road 1906

Stonefield Road 1903

Stonefield Road 1903

Stonefield Road 1906

Stonefield Road 1906


 David Gibson Grocers James McCallum Billboard and David Gibson Grocers

Who can tell me this shop’s nickname?


Stonefield Road 2008

Today, Stonefield Road looks very different from this 1903 picture. The shrubs on the left are now the site of The Priory Inn, and J Struthers shop has been demolished. Straight ahead is St. Joseph’s Church, which was replaced by a new building a little further up Glasgow Road in 1905 and the existing building becoming a full time St.Joseph’s School. The stretch of shops at the right has been replaced by new brick housing.

Stonefield Road Today

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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