Dixons Raws c1919

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Dixons Raws c1919

1st Door on left:

Mrs Helen McDougall Paterson
27 Park Street,
Dixons Raws,
Blantyre c1919 whose family we have been posting recently thanks to her Granddaughter, Mary Wood.

The raw’s consisted of seven Streets Starting with Calder Street, Dixon Street, Hall Street all travelling East Park Street all travelling East to West. The other three streets were Miller Street, Govan Street and Carfin Street, travelling North to South.


 Dixons Raws c1919
Helen McDougall Paterson and two children outside 27 Park Street, Dixon's Raws - 1919 Helen McDougall Paterson and two children outside 27 Park Street, Dixon’s Raws – 1919

Look at the poor condition of the brickworks. Just remember that these houses had earthen floors with no electricity or gas or water closet. It was not unusual for 10 or 12 adults and children to occupy the two roomed terraced houses.

Dixon's Raws Church Hall

These are the last four houses in the Row which served as a Church to the Catholic Mining Community.

As more and more immigrants from Ireland arrived in Blantyre to work in the Pits, they wanted a place of Worship, because at that time there was no Catholic Church.

They approached the Pit Owners, Messrs. William Dixon and asked, if not, petitioned, for a place of Worship.

As William Dixon’s family were Catholic, and one of his sons was a Priest, they allocated the last four houses at the end of the Row to be used as a Chapel, much to the discontent of the Protestant Community.

This block of four houses was the last to be demolished

Your Comments:

Jim Macfie: I lived in Dixon’s Raw’s 45 yrs ago. Think my Da has a few pics somewhere in his house.

Sharon Mcmillan: My mum Delia Roberts and her brothers and sisters were born at Dixon Raw’s. Many a story I’ve heard about the raws.

Carole Miller: Where would Mill, Govan,and Carfin Street have been? anybody know?

Blantyre’s Ain: They ran North to South parallel with Stonefield Road but on the Victoria Street side of the Raws. You can see them on the 1875 Map in the Miners Resource Centre.

Paul Hudson McGowan: Are there any remnants left of these old houses? I’m probably wrong, something tells me there might be something on Calder Street.

Jack Owens: If I mind right there was gas lights on the wall near the fireplace in the front room.

Blantyre’s Ain: I think you are right Jack. Gas was introduced in the late 40’s I believe.

Christine Brown: My hubby Tony stayed in 21 Park Street.

Jim Macfie: Yes we lived next door to Shona Mccabes. gran

Shona Mccabe: My gran lived in Dixon’s Raw’s and had pictures of the houses, she used to tell us we were spoiled by the standards of living we had and that it made us soft.

Ann Millar: Memories eh!!! a wisnae born bit ma mammy uze tae tell ma brother’s and me aboot Dixon’s Raw’s and Rosendale cause that’s where ma mammy came fae.

Christine Brown: Ann I remember the day your family moved into Hawthorn Place what memories from there wonderful xxx

Joe Sneddon: And we complain how tough it is today …

Mary Crowe: One of the streets was called Miller Street. My Mother was born in number 8.

Elizabeth Weaver: Aye, the good old days eh? While the pit owners lived like gentry… great photo, but glad some things have changed. I see the woman with the wean in the shawl – in the 50s, you’d still see women carrying their babies that way in High Blantyre (at the Co!).

George Mackenzie: Betty – Ye can’ae beat a wee hauf oor in he shawl…

Ann McArdle: Our address was 9 Dixon Street. I was born in Dixon Rows in 1948.

Martin Cummiskey: My grans Auld house. I’vE got a pic of that.

Annie Murdoch Anderson Black: My Granny used to tell me all about these houses and the living conditions…

Suzanne Wall-Duffy: Were the cottages still inhabited in 1900s? Are they all demolished now? Sorry to ask so many questions… my husband was born in 1954 in Dixon’s Rows…..just wondered what it would have looked like then?

Blantyre’s Ain: They were demolished in the early 60’s Suzanne.. I used to walk down Dixon Street in 1960 as a shortcut to school and at that time they were uninhabited.


If you have any Photos… Send them to Bill

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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