Blantyre Community Centre

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Blantyre Community Centre

Next, along Glasgow Road we had Richardson’s Garage, owned by Jock and Chrissie Richardson. They would repair my bike punctures for free. Anyone remember the two Great Dane’s, they had?

Blantyre Community Centre, a Popular venue for Weddings.

Blantyre Community Centre

Blantyre Community Centre

Jimmy Coulter was the Caretaker for years, and Una Mason Hynds ran the Cafe with her sister-in-
Sheena Mason from 1989 1991. Una’s husband ran the drama group and did the sit in order to try an stop it being closed down. Monday night youth Club.

This is where Billy Connolly played when he visited my Brothers Youth Club.

Your Comments:

Eain Gray: James Cushley remember the tour?

Isabel Park: took my 3 boys to play school their xx

Una Mason Hynds: A used to run the wee cafe in there way ma sister in law Sheena Mason 1989 tae 1991 n my husband woz in the drama group who did the sit in to try an stop it being closed down.

Paul Anderson: I remember that’s where all the holiday clubs were run from during school hols! Good times!

Jeanette Allardyce Ward: A mind ae the big great dane that Richardson’s had.

Marion Smith: My papa was the caretaker in here for years Jimmy Coulter.

May Hamilton: My wedding was held there 44 yrs ago shame it’s not there now.

Helen Dyer: Remember going to the dances there, lots of fun memories.

Michelle Devine: I used to go and get my lunch in their when I was at St Joes, it used to be a youth club on Monday night.

Liz Ali Ali: My sis worked in there. X

Shug McNeill: The butchers shop was roundabout where Imo is now, old post office.

Andrew Charles: Pity Richardson’s used to make faults with cars while they were in for MOT hoping to get work. Used to do disco in Community Centre for YDT. Half of them were drunk with alcohol they were bought from Botterill’s round corner even though they were all under 16.

Robert Henderson: I worked with Jock Richardson’s brother in butchering and his brother George stayed next door to my gran for yrs.

Sarah Sked: We went there for our first communion breakfast. My cousin Nan Duffy had her wedding reception in there she married Pat Cain


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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