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Auchinraith Primary School

This was the opening day of Auchinraith School on 31st August 1900 at 3.00 p.m.

Auchinraith Primary School 1900The Glasgow Herald reported the event stating that on the invitation of the Blantyre School Board, a party of some 70 guests, representative of all the local public bodies and neighbouring school boards attended a ceremony.

The school was opened formerly by Dr Grant, chairman of the School Board. When the guests arrived, they were served with tea and cake, after which Dr Grant addressed the group with an inaugural ceremony concluding by inviting the company to inspect the new premises.

Architect Mr A Cullen had designed the school in the similar fashion to the 1875 schools at Stonefield Parish Primary (Ness’s) and the Primary at High Blantyre (Hunthill Road Annexe).

Auchinraith Primary School 1900

The building cost approximately £7,500 (£825,000 in today’s value) and was one story in height, capable to accommodate 650 primary scholars. There were 10 classrooms each able to accommodate an average of 60 pupils (teachers nowadays would perish the thought!). A large multi function hall stood in the centre of the building for drilling the scholars and later for use as a theatre. The building was finished and furnished in a most modern style of the time and connected to gas heating.

After the inspection, the company enjoyed a meal and wine banquet in the main hall. Dr Grant presided, and Messrs Menzies and McQuarrie were croupiers. A number of toasts were made, and the pupils were permitted to school the first Monday after.

Head Master, Mr John McNish
Staff: Miss Rennie, Miss Johnston, Miss Grant and Miss Bremner.

Auchinraith Silver Band and everyone dressed in their Sunday best. What a day!

Notice how the Ladies and the little boys were dressed, as though they had just come from a Quakers Meeting.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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