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Auchinraith Club

Auchinraith Club

The Auchinraith Club, was situated at the top of Craig Street and Auchinraith Road, where Auchinraith Primary School used to be.

Although the building would not win any design awards it was a very popular Club in its Day and unlike the original Auchinraith Club, the Committee allowed women in. It was mysteriously burnt down September Weekend, 1998.

This is what you had to say about it:

Alan Baird: I think it burned down in the summer of 1998. I actually stood and watched the excavator demolishing it. I often would frequent it on a Saturday night.

Margaret Bell: Oh my, remember hearing all the singing. After the club was out. x

Janice Frank: OMG… that was a part of my life for many years. My mum worked there behind the bar and cooking for a while as well as being a waitress, and my dad was on committee and drank a lot there lol. I also waitressed and served at the bar there since I was 16. And like you Jade, had so many family nights and parties there. Xx

John Cornfield: My mam worked here. I had many a good night here too, good club

Wendy Monaghan: Worked in the bar ‘n did my stint as a waitress, nobody cud beat wee Winnie at the waitressing xx great memories xx

Janice Frank: Don’t think we appreciated the community spirit among us all back then. Many great memories in there. Xx

Margaret Bell: All great memories Janice. Think it was Jock McCaroll and Lynda Ward lol. Wish it was the same now. xx

James Minto: Lol Dee I think there was a lot more jobs going on up there ‘n no just bar ones lol x

Linda Halpin: I sang there, every weekend, great club.

Janet Saunders: Passed it every time going down tae ma grandparents house.

John Allan: I got barred at one time.

Stephen Hasson: Long time ago the “Auchie.”

Liz Anderson: Had many great nites in Auchie, mam and dad and family. Only club we didn’t need to get a taxi to, as we stayed in Logan Street. Dad was on the committee for years.

Janice Frank: Wee Winnie lol she would walk up and down with one pint on the tray most of the night. X

Jade Sloey: My granda ran Auchie, spent a lot of time there when young, many family parties and annoying the bar staff lol.. gees how time flies William Monaghan.

Dee Mcewan: Omg it’s been a while since I saw that place ‘n can’t believe it’s gone now. I had my very first bar job in there lol long time ago now tho xx I totally lied about my age to get the job as well. X

Paul Hudson McGowan: I remember it well, at least the building anyway. I was only a young lad in 70’s. Looking at it now you would think it was a nuclear bomb shelter or a fort or something.

Alan Baird: many a good night was had in there, I watched it getting demolished the night it went on fire.

Jim Tallan: still got my shareholders card

Robert McLeod-Wolohan: I was a committee member there for a couple of years, seems so long ago now.

Catherine Burnett: that was a good club x

Mary Odonnell: My mum work there Linda Ward.

Janice Fullerton: My wee dad George Paterson [pie] was on the committee, loved the club, he liked the old one as there was no woman allowed in , God bless you pie.

Natalie Ward: I was gonna tag u mum… Jeanette Allardyce Ward. Ma wee granny Bridie would be babysitting me… Ma maw n da were at the ‘Auchie’… X

Jeanette Allardyce Ward: Lol aye that’s rite, an then shed b babysitting u an Cheryl coz we were still going to the Auchie lol. Used to phone home to check uze were ok x

Jeanette Allardyce Ward: I started going there when I was 16 lol, every weekend, loved it, everyone in it was so friendly and it was the same people who went there every week, which made it a great club. Had many a good laugh in there during a lock in lol.

Liz Nelson: I used to go there when I was 16 lol.

Lorraine Mcguire: My mum Flora worked in the club for a number of years.

Margaret McGuigan: My dad lived there well that’s what my mum said.

Jean McSorley: I think ma mum an dad ran the auchie, I think a was about 2 it 3 at the time I was told.. this was b4 they went on to manage the Blantyre Vic’s.. bring bk the gd old days xxx

Margaret Lappin: A good family friend worked here for years, Ellen Nicoll, god rest her xx

Liz Mcginty: Worked in the club fae a was 17 my dad Pat Barrett was club manager then great club n many a good nites in it.

Liz Cutts: My mum Ellie O’neil used to go there every time we came to visit family Hugh Rodgers and the crew happy days xxx.

Stephen Mcgowan: I had ma very first pint in it wae ma dad!!

Mary Davies: Many a good night I had in there, One night I dropped in to pick up my late husband, I was pulled onto the dance floor, for a pass the parcel. I won the prize of a bag of coffee, and gave it to an old couple who were sitting. Great memories of this club.

John McCourt: Worked behind the bar with Ellen McGovern, Big Pat Phairs a great club.

Eleanor Duncan Nailon: Went there when i was 16 loved it, thought I was so growing up. Xx

John Mcadams: Were I had my official over 18 pint with ma da.

Ricky Forrest: Had my first legal pint there.

Mattie Taggart: I worked in the club lounge with Mary Meechan first and then Ellen Phairs or Nichol, God rest the 2 of them R.I.P. who were also great friends and I also worked with Iris Cornfield r.i.p. they are all gone so my time must be near. We all got on great and the lounge was always packed. You knew what they wanted to drink as soon as they walked in. I worked in it for about 7 yrs. Amanda your mum worked behind the bar as well it was a great club then and good tippers lol xxx


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