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In Loving MemoryBy listing your Loved Ones within these pages,
your family and friends throughout the World
can visit and pay their respects.



God sent his holy angles
to carry my mother away,
while we sat and held her hand,
as on her bed she lay.

I prayed for god to help her,
and while I was in prayer,
she slipped away peacefully into the night,
for god was waiting there.

I believe he took her by the hand
as she neared heaven light,
I know that mother is resting now,
over on the other side.

Her suffering is behind her,
her tears have been wiped away.
Her toils and struggles are over,
for she is at home to stay.

I know I’ll miss my mother,
no one can take her place
I’ll share her mansion someday,
when I finish my earthly stay.

Until the time when he calls me,
I’ll remember mother dear,
and all things she taught me
while she was living here.

Mother will meet at heaven’s gate,
I know she’ll be waiting for me.
We’ll sing and rejoice together
in heaven for all eternity.

Sent in by Craig Forrest

Fotheringham Family

Fotheringham Family

Fotheringham Family

Treasured Memories


Annie Fotheringham

23rd September 1989

Aged 81 Years


David Fotheringham

20th October 1996

Aged 82 Years

Those We Love
Don’t Go Away
They Walk Beside Us
Every Day

Requested by the Fotheringham Family

Anna, Patrick, Gordon, Davie and Sheila

John Friel who passed away on 31/07/2003 Much Remembered Requested by his Son Tam Friel

John Friel
who passed away on 31/07/2003

Much Remembered

Requested by his Son Tam Friel

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Simply send in your Intimations with or without photograph and put Memories of your Loved Ones for the whole world to see (and visit).

If you would like me to take a photograph of the Headstone for inclusion just contact me here.

Listed so far are:

Allan Family
James Boyle
Joseph John Boyle
Alexander Glen Campbell
James K Campbell
Jean Campbell
Thomas (T.C.) Campbell
Danny and Moira Canavan
Cathie Corry
James Cropp
James Cunning
Elizabeth Clelland Dobson
William Dobson
Frank Doonin
Mrs Forrest
Fotheringham Family
John Friel
Hanly Family
Hawkins Family
Houston Family
John Kennedy
Pat Latta
Phil McCall
James McCue
Betty McDermott
McLean Family
McGregor Family
John New
Pollock – Nee Cornfield
Roberts Family
Robertson Family
Sim Family
Swan Family
Smith Family
Ward Family


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