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 Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Blantyre visits

Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Blantyre visitsWe’re slowly uncovering a connection that Bonnie Prince Charlie had with Blantyre. This long forgotten piece of history was still well recorded in the Annals of Blantyre book of 1883 where some generations had been told stories and anecdotes when the fallen Prince had passed through this town. Whether lore or not, some facts are also well recorded in the Mitchell Library documenting that the prince did indeed call upon Blantyre on at least 2 different occasions with a bedraggled army in need of rest.

“Bonnie Prince Charlie” had arrived in Glasgow in September 1745 at the head of his victorious Jacobite army, on their way to invade England and to restore a Stuart king to the British throne. He returned in December, leading his army on the long retreat from Derby that was to culminate in disaster at the Battle of Culloden.

Glasgow was predominantly Hanoverian in its sympathies, and the Prince and his followers were given a cold welcome. They responded by demanding vast quantities of clothing and other goods from the city, to clothe and re-equip the Jacobite army. Pictured is a painting from the Mitchell Library depicting Prince Charles Edward Stuart leading his men along Saltmarket in December 1745.

Barnhill at top of Pech Brae

Barnhill at top of Pech Brae

The Annals of Blantyre , 1883 quotes “The old folk in Blantyre still speak of the Rebellion in 1745 as being the “Heilandman’s” year.

When Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army of Jacobeans were on their way to invade Carlisle in 1745, they passed through Blantyre and went down the Peth Brae on their way to Carlisle.

It was usual for armies on the march to pillage the land as they passed, taking cows, pigs, chickens and anything else they needed.

On passing through Blantyre, Prince Charlie commanded that nothing should be taken as this was Stuart’s land, referring to Lord Blantyre, Walter Stuart, 8th Lord Blantyre.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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