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Parliamo Glesca

Agotfairdrookit = I got very wet.
Ahhvnigoteonymerr = I dont have any more.
Amfairscunnert = I am so fed up.
Amnorichtintheheid = I am not right in the head.
Arerrterratraferr = A good time at the fair.
(Glasgow holiday starts the 1st Friday after the 12th of July)
Awaanboilyirheid = Off you go and boil your head
Geesa = Give me a —-
Geezaboattlaskoosh = Give me a bottle of pop
Geeswanoyerfagsahvranoot= Give me one of your cigarettes I have ran out
Gerapunabutterfurramura = Get a pound of butter for your Mother.
Girowrhereanstopyirmoochinaboot = Get over here and stop hanging about.
Gerruptheweansgreetin = Get up the babies crying.
Gonnaegeeratclownadun = Are you going to give that clown a hard tap
Gonnaenodaerat = Please do not do that.
Gonnaepirritinapoke = Are you going to put it in a paper bag
Hawhenfanciastotroontheflair = Hello lady do you fancy a dance.
Hawhenhayaweeseat = Hello lady have a seat.
Hawjimmy = Hey You over there (usually a man)
Hawmawthrowmedoonajeelypiece = Hay Mother throw me down a jam piese (bread).
Hesaglakitedjit = He is a stupid looking idiot.
Hesarightwarmer = He is really stupid.
Hootsmonitsabrawbrichtminlichtnichtthenicht = Hello it is a beautiful bright moon light night tonight.
Howzitgaun = How is it going.
Isinitoon =  Not in this town
Maheidsburstin = I have a sore head
Maheidsbirrlin = My head is spinning
Smashinintit = very good is it not it
Sowererr = Over there
Stoatinaffthegrun = It’s raining very hard and it’s bouncing off the ground.
Suppacloas = Up the close (tennement building)
Watchootrapolis = Watch out here is the police coming.
Whitaherrie = What a slack looking woman.
Whitasmasher = What a good looking (usually a woman)
Whitshurheiddain = What is her hair like.
Yirameallimoothedscunner = You are a slevering mouthed off puting person.
Yirfaceislikeachowedchip = Your face is like a chewed chip.
Yirsimmitismawkit =  Your vest is dirty.
Yirteethshinginoottaedry =  Your mouth is open.

Sent in by Betty McGaulley

Gaunfurra Daunur

upatra burd’s


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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