St. Joseph’s London Trip 1962

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St. Joseph’s London Trip 1962

St. Joseph's London Trip 1962


Dear Bill,

I was playing around with my computer and looked up St. Joseph’s, Blantyre. I was thrilled to see photographs of Miss Annie Docherty and Mr Jordon.

Miss Docherty was affectionately known as “Wee Annie” because of her slight stature, but she ruled her classes with a rod of iron.

I took up my first Teaching position at St. Joseph’s Junior Secondary School in 1958 and stayed until 1963 when I left to get married.

I taught Domestic Science in the old building next to the Art room. There was no electricity and no running hot water. My first job each morning was to light the gas mantles, then fill an old gas boiler. The children carried basins of boiling water to the sinks at the bottom of the room , to do the washing up. What would Health & Safety make of that today?

The Head Teacher was Mr Hugh McLeod, a perfect gentleman and a wonderful Head Teacher. I loved every minute of my time at St. Joseph’s. When I moved to Wigan, I taught at St. Thomas More Secondary Modern, then moved to Special Education. After obtaining the Advanced Diploma from Liverpool University, I was appointed as Deputy Head at Mere Oaks School, Wigan and spent twenty nine years working with physically handicapped children.

Mrs Helen Corish nee McLachlan


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