Salvation Army Citadel

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

Salvation Army Citadel

Salvation Army Citadel

Opposite the gates of Blantyre Victoria F.C., the Citadel was demolished in the 1990s.

The Salvation Army Citadel was a popular place for worship in the village, and you could hear their tambourines and trumpets as they gave praise at various locations around Blantyre. They had a Soup kitchen at the rear of Allen’s Fish & Chip shop. A friend of mine, Thomas Dunsmore Hartman, now in his 80s and living in Chicago, who was also a lifelong friend to my friend and Mentor, the late James Cornfield, tells this story. “My little pals and I use to go down to the hall in a Sunday afternoon for our Ginger and biscuits all free, and you were encouraged to sing at the top of your voice, which I could not do in my own home. It was just great. We did not know what we were singing about but with biscuits and ginger who cared. We were all little tough guys, so girls always suffered. After we came out of the service, if you can call it that, We would immediately start making fun of the Salvation Army, like singing songs about them. One I can remember went,”

“The Salvation Army free from sin
all went to heaven in a corned beef tin.
The corned beef tin began to smell,
so they jumped out and landed in h–l”.

I have to-day the greatest respect for the Salvation Army, and in my books they are the very best, in all that they do”. The Citadel was demolished in the 1990’s.


Just so that you can get your bearings, this is where we are at, Forrest Street, as we wander doon memory lane.

The Citadel is at the bottom centre, opposite the entrance to Castle Park, Blantyre Victoria’s F.C. home ground.

To the left, is the start to Baird’s Raw’s.

The three-story building, Centre left, is the rear of Grant’s Building with the lane separating it from Gilmour’s Building. Across Glasgow Road is the Burleigh Church, then Herbertson Street, then the Co-op.

Salvation Army Citadel

At the top right of Forrest Street is the Livingstonian Pub with the top story demolished. This was the Blantyre Electric Cinema, nicknamed, “The Fleapit” where silent films were shown.


Your Comments:

Annie Murdoch Anderson Black: I used to go there. Thanks for the nice memories.

Laura Hamilton: My grandma used to worship there in the start of 1900’s. She became a sergeant… think that’s what they called them. Her name was Jane (Jeannie) Lindsay then to become Dunsmuir.

George Mackenzie: My pal Iain MacAlpine & I went there from Auchinraith Primary and handed over a ‘jeely jaur’ to get in to see cartoons. Great times.

Keith MacLean: Remember this place well…

Mary McGuigan: I remember going here as kid think we only went 2 or 3 times prob thrown out lol x

Jacqui Williamson: I remember going to Sunday school in the salvation hall.

May Hamilton: Me too LOL’


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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