Peter Valerio’s Ice Cream Cafe

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

Peter Valerio’s Ice Cream Cafe

Jimmy Cleary, Ladies and Gents Hairdressers, Glasgow Road, Blantyre

Peter Valerio’s Ice Cream Cafe pictured on the left here on Glasgow Road, across from Harper’s Garage at Craig Street.


Thomas Dunsmore Hartman remembers, “The other store of note belonged to a family of Italian immigrants into Scotland, there name was Valerio. There were three families of Valerio in Blantyre, all of them owned ice cream shops. There was Mickey at the West end, Peter in the middle and Wee Don in the East side. They served up some great ice cream treats through the years, from their push carts and up to their motorized vehicles in the later years. The family was so well respected that they have a modern street in Blantyre called after the family. They made a wonderful pea dish with lots of vinegar that all us young kids loved to eat. Peter’s special was a double chocolate side covered wafer with his special flavored ice cream (each of the brothers had their own type of flavour) he also did a great snowball ice cream. YUM!! YUM!!. I sure did like that one”.

Peter’s Cafe was one of my favourite hangouts and I can remember one Sunday we were fooling about and I was thrown against the inside window and smashed it. Peter was not amused. But, because we were regular customers, he let us off with a warning.


Edith Bulloch: Remember Peter Valerio’s cafe across from Harper’s garage, worked in both.

Ann Millar: Aye Sylvia, Wee Mickie n Peter Valerio were brothers only Peter wis a crabbit man n Wee Mickie wis the opposite. Mickie could hardly see o’er the counter he wis that Wee.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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