John Street

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

John Street, formerly called New Station Road.

John Street


Down John Street there was a side entrance to Stonefield Public Park, Toll Brae Stables, a Brick Quarry (where the football fields are now), the clay pits filled with water and this became known as the Lilly Pond which was out of bounds for most children because it was so deep. This was filled in by Frank Doonin and became the two football fields in Stonefield Public Park. Then there was Aitkenhead’s Slaughter house, Willie McPhee’s Piggery, a Lane to the Railway Station and underneath the railway tunnel to the right was Nicholson’s Piggery. Once called Kirby’s, Nicholson also had a Grocers shop in Station Road on the corner of Woodburn Avenue across from Farm Road.

Aitkenhead Slaughterhouse Aitkenhead Slaughter house, used for butchering horse, cattle and sheep from the farms in the local area. You could hear the Gun Shots for quite a way along Glasgow Road.


Jim Hunter: Johnny Aitkenhead was a legend when I was a kiddie in Blantyre. My father George Hunter who like myself was born in the house just past the wall in this photo (no 49) claimed he saw him smash a crossbar in a game of football, such was the power of his kick.

Orlando Ancilotti: The Russell house was my uncle John Airkenhead’s. I’m related to the Russell’s via him.

Stevie Fletcher: Len I heard John Russell speak of the Airkenhead’s, were they the butchers in Blantyre, or even a famous footballer.

Orlando Ancilotti: That’s right, my granddad owned the slaughterhouse down by the park, and Johnny Aitkenhead, my mum’s cousin, played for Hibs and Motherwell.

Len Northfield: That was my grandpa’s slaughterhouse. He died before I was born, so I never knew him, but my Grannie was quite a woman!

Here we see Willie McPhee’s Piggery, on the left going down John Street. From McPhee’s to Blantyre Engineering, the land was leased by the McAleenan family who used it, mostly for Cattle grazing. McPhee's Piggery


 John Street Tunnel At the end of John Street, there was a fairly large close opening going under the railway lines which led out on to the River Clyde Braes, a good view of the surrounding area along the valley and the Blantyre Village area. This was the area that David Livingstone was born and grew up in.
Also running along at the bottom of John Street was a continuation of the shortcut from Baird’s Raws in Forrest Street to the Blantyre Railway Station.


Nicholsons Piggery, under the Railway Tunnel to the right. One time called Kirby’s. Nicholson also had a Grocers shop in Station Road on the corner of Woodburn Avenue across from Farm Road. Nicholson@s Piggery
Nickolson's Piggery Nicholsons Piggery over the railway line and next to the river Clyde with the sewerage bridge in the background.

Helen Grieve: Been thinking about McPhee’s going down John Street it was on the left and the house was in front of the piggery building if my memory serves me right. There was a grassy bank in front of the house. I played with Agnes McPhee when I was wee.

Jack Owens: McPhee’s Piggery. Went there a few times with my dad.



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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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