Jimmy Cleary’s

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

Jimmy Cleary’s, Ladies and Gents Hairdressers

Jimmy Cleary, Ladies and Gents Hairdressers, Glasgow Road, Blantyre

Jimmy Cleary was a successful boxer in his time and also owned and operated Ladies and Gents Hairdressers with his wife Ella at various locations around Blantyre.


Joe Murphy said,  “That’s the Cosy Corner pub at the corner of Greenside Street, the entrance into the public park. At the other side of Greenside Street was McLennaghan’s electrical and paint shop. This picture from right to left is the Cosy Corner, Jimmy Cleary’s barbers, Peter Valerio’s ice cream shop, ( Peter was the brother of Micky Valerio who had his own ice cream shop at the bottom of Stonefield Rd), Not in the picture was the TV repair shop, which was previously a cobblers then became Joe Russell’s chippy.  Guy’s shop, Fallons pub, ( previously Sullivans pub) all the way down to the Gazette Office. Across the road from the Cosy, at the corner of Craig St and Glasgow Rd was Harper’s Garage, next door was Whyte’s the plumbers, later to become Orestie’s Chippy, Haddows the Dentist, then the auld Ness’s school down to the corner of Victoria St. Ness’s school was the “BROO” when I was a kid”.

Your Social Comments:

Sadie Dolan: Did his ex wife Ella not work with him at one point?

Margaret McGuigan: Jimmy, Ella Cleary that’s where the aunts and uncles went.

Christine Brown: Always went to Ella, lovely woman x

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley: Got ma hair tipped as they called it in Paton’s for ma sixteenth birthday, got ma hair done for ma wedding Ella Cleary done it and Lena Scully worked in it.

Sadie Dolan: Ella done my feather cut.

Mark Rock: With the famous shaky Shug as well.

Annie Murdoch Anderson Black: Ella did my feather cut also xx I am getting home sick now!

Paul McGivern: Jimmy short back and sides.

Leigh Hynds: Ma dad said that cars a Datsun 1200 A or a sunny anyone know ?

Sharon Burt: Lol, Ella gave me my first ever perm. omg think I cried for days. lol

Andrew Mccluskie: Lol old shaky Shug a can mind him when a wis a wee whipper snapper.

Monica Whelan: I got a ‘Purdy’ off Ella… lol

Morag Campaigne: Jimmy Cleary and Ella Farrell best hairdressers in their time, a remember them well.

Paul Gilligan-Black: Didn’t matter what you asked for… you got a short back & sides!! Many a time I walked out of their with shaky Shugs digestive crumbs all over my head & shoulders!!

James Donnelly: Jimmy Cleary’s wae shaky Gordie! And the auld ashtrays about a meter tall! And the stained wood panelling way the smoke. Oh how I loved getting ma crew cut ARMY STYLE! Lol

Agnes Hynds: Leigh your uncle Tom said it looks like a datsun 140 j
Look how quiet the roads are, compared to now, thank god I was not a driving instructor they days lol.

Marc McAuley: Jimmy ‘n Ella are my gran ‘n granda, legends, wee Jimmy still going strong.

Liz Hughes: Jimmy and Ella did work the gither.

Barrie Pentney: It was alright at Jimmy’s for a haircut unless you got old shaky Shug, everybody used tae say na ur awrite m8 al just wait for Jimmy lol.

Allan Love: I remember when Jimmy started doing Flat tops, everybody got one even if you didn’t ask for it, as he couldn’t help himself with his new flat topper gadget. He also had a picture of Bros next to his seat. lol

Grace Watson: Used to take my wee boy for his cut, then over to St Joseph’s nursery.

James Faulds: Jimmy was a good barber, and his shop was next to the only crossroads in blantyre, Craig St, Glasgow Rd leading into the public park and the side door to the Cosy Corner.

Janice Cja Clark: Had my hair “set” there on my wedding day.

William Allan: Ma favourite words there were, I’m waiting on Jimmy. Shaky shug gave me an inch line one side and a metre line the other lol.

Marc Moran: I remember getting sent to get ma hair cut for ma first communion and coming back with a skin heed and ma Mum going mental LOL happy days.

Stephen Mcgowan: Jimmy got shakey Shug back in shop on Station Rd, that’s when I said **** it I’m buying clippers haha!!!

Steven Johnstone: Aye a remember shaky Shug lol, Jimmy was wan of the nicest people you could meet, had to take Shug most times cos Jimmy was busy, ma eyes were shut every time he cut ma hair. Ma heart wud go when a heard the clippers goin on.

Billy Purse: Cleary’s, they wur the days

Joey Campbell: Jimmy’s fir a skinheed.

Aileen Farrell: Used to take my son their from when he was a wee boy, he had a mop of hair, is only 22 now and has hardly any hair lol x I still see Jimmy and Andy coming in to my work a lot, they still remember me xxx

Danielle McClymont: My wee papa Jim lol, bless x

David Andrew Hilston: Used to get my haircut there.

John Latta: Jimmy Cleary and got my hair cut there many a time or Andy McNamee if Jimmy was busy, but avoided flash.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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