Glasgow Road looking East from Logan Street

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

Glasgow Road looking East from Logan Street

Glasgow Road looking East from Logan Street c.1903

Glasgow Road Looking East from Logan Street

Glasgow Road Looking East from Logan Street

This picture shows a stretch of Glasgow Road, which changed over a thirty-year period. In 1903, there was a patch of waste ground beside Stonefield Church (pictured right). You can see a Tram, in the distance, which were introduced in the same year. On the left, we have the Castle Vaults with the pointed roof, a Blantyre landmark. From the Castle Vaults aka The Black Diamond, a McLaughlin’s Pub, we had Davidson’s Emporium, Hairdressers, Sandy Thompson Newsagents, McWilliamson the butchers shoap, then the McAlpine Building with Allan’s Fish & Chips, (name changed to Andrews), Gibson’s store, Hugh’s Grocery and finally, Alpine Street.

Looking East from Logan Street. 1937

Looking East from Logan StreetBy the 1930s, the Masonic Lodge, tenements and shops were built in three stages on the vacant ground, obscuring the view of the church. If you keep looking along to the right across the picture at the roof line, where it makes a high point, and a flag pole sits on top, this is the Masonic Hall and directly across the road is John Street.

The facias opposite had all been spruced up. The transport situation also changed radically, with cars gliding down a newly surfaced road, replacing the trams that had previously rumbled down the dirt streets.

The McAlpine Building is the three storey tenement just visible to the left.

The Man is standing outside the Ironmongers, J.C. Sweet’s cut price shop at the corner of Turner’s Building, which became the Post Office in 1953.

Where it says wines is the Priory Bar on the corner of Logan Street.


With thanks for the kind permission of Rhona Wilson and Richard Stenlake Publishers to publish photos from the book, “Old Blantyre”.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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