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The Sunday Post – Sunday 25 July 1920

Wild Scenes at Blantyre

Miners alleged to have used Revolvers

Village Constables’ exciting Tussle

Hamilton, Saturday.

A riot broke out in High Blantyre last night, and the sequel was furnished in the Hamilton Sheriff Court this morning, when six miners appeared on serious charges. A young miner named William Taylor, residing at 7 School Lane, High Blantyre, appeared first on a charge of breach of the peace. He was represented by Mr George McLaughlin, solicitor, Hamilton, and admitted the offence. Mr McLaughlin explained that Taylor was not in the company of the six other young men who were concerned in the fracas in the village, which had occasioned much excitement locally.

The Sheriff, in view of tha explanation given by the agent, imposed a fine of 20 shillings, with the alternative of five days imprisonment.

Serious Charges.

William Leishman, miner, Main Street;
Thomas Johnstone, miner. 10 Douglas Street;
Matthew Brown, miner, Craigmuir Road;
Albert Turney, miner, Sydes Brae;
Matthew McNaught, miner, School Lane;
and Noble Thomson, miner, Douglas Street, all of High Blantyre, were then charged with forming part of a tumultuous and riotous crowd which had disturbed the peace.

They were further charged with assaulting William Moir and Edward Cunningham, constables in the Lanarkshire Constabulary, by throwing stones, bottles, and other missiles at them, discharging revolvers loaded with ball cartridge at the officers, and kicking Constable Moir and wrenching his baton from him.

Leishman was further specifically charged with having, in Victoria Street,
High Blantyre, recklessly discharged a revolver in the direction of and to
the danger of Constable Moir. All the accused denied the charges, and
the Fiscal asked for substantial bail, as the fracas had been a most serious one.
 Miners alleged to have used Revolvers

The Sheriff fixed 5th August as the day for proof, and ordered the accused to find bail of £5 each. About £189.00 in today’s money.

Source: http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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