The Happiest Bus On the Blantyre Road

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The Sunday Post – Sunday 05 October 1947

Happiest Bus on the Road

The Happiest Bus On the Blantyre Road

“THERE’S a smiling conductress on a Blantyre bus whom I want to thank. Ten days ago a young lady was waiting at a bus stop at High Blantyre. She was standing behind an invalid chair in which sat a badly paralysed young man going back to Hairmyres Hospital.

Chieftain Bus at StoneymeadowAs soon as the noise of the approaching bus was heard the young man eagerly grasped the Bus Stop post and slowly pulled himself up from his chair. With a smile of recognition the driver drew up alongside, and the conductress, a cheery faced young girl, came forward to assist the patient, exclaiming in homely accents, “Who said you were to get on this bus anyway?” As the young man slowly attempted to lift his legs up the step, his face lit up in a happy smile. At this the young lass said jokingly, “Stop yer grinnin’ and get on,” but all the time she was guiding him (very carefully) to the nearest vacant seat. Then the bus went off and the young lady wheeled away the empty chair. But, says the reader who watched this delightful incident, I felt that young conductress’s happy nature was as good as a tonic to the invalid, and, to judge from the faces of her passengers, it cheered them up a lot, too.

Francis Gay



Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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