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St. Blane’s Primary Football Team 1977

Clean sweep of all competitions entered.

Sent in By Terry McCrory

St Blane’s football team class of 1977

Top left to right Mr Gollogly, (teacher & manager) players, George McLaughlin, Brian Hughes, Paul Ducie, Brian Fallon (goalie) Stephen McHugh, Patrick Gallacher, Peter Bonner, & Mr O’Neill (Headmaster)

Bottom Row left to right Mark McArthur, Paul Murray, Terrence McGrory, Stephen Spiers, Mark McAdams & Stephen Fallon.

We went undefeated through the full season, we won the League Shield the County Cup, which we won 1-0 at Cambuslang Rangers park. I think Terry McGrory scored the goal from halfway line I ran in on their goalie and ducked at the last second, needless to say the ball went in the net. I remember back at the school gates they put irn bru in the cup and we all got a drink.

We shared the Shinwell cup 6 months each with St Peters after 2-2 draw in 90 min then 3-3 aet.

The ref and the teachers decided to share the cup and not have penalties because it was a right grudge match and they thought that there would be fighting after the match.

The two Fallon boys, are the sons of John Fallon who played for Glasgow Celtic.

Info by Brian Hughes

— with Karen Fallon and Stephen Fallon

Fantastic picture and brings back many happy memories.  I captained the team – caption should read Stephen Kelly not Stephen Speirs – and scored the goal  from halfway in the County Cup final.  George is correct about the Shinwell cup – I think he scored a brilliant goal that was disallowed and the headie decided we should share the cup!!!


Steve Kelly

Your Comments:

Elizabeth Golder Hughes: Lol that’s my hubby back row second on the left. … Brian Hughes.
Stacey Duncan: Gemma O’Farrell is this ur dad?
Gemma O’Farrell: I will ask him Stacey Duncan tomorrow xx
Stuart Oneil: Peter Gollogly and Mr O’Neill. Remember the sore hands!
Paul Murray: Stephen Marshall it was very gratifying to know that you were at the sidelines watching as we had our moments of glory… it’s sad that you did not even get the chance to be the water boy as your team wiz rank.
Stephen Fallon: Neil McArthur. Not mark. Think its Mark O’Farrell not McAdams
George Mclaughlin: Ah the memories remember being absolutely raging when they decided to share the shinwell cup as that was the only time in the years I played that we never won the game would say that record will never be broken.
Mark McEwan: You were only keeping them warm for David Livingstone team who romped everything the following year with a number of great players.. John Gibson, Stuart Thompson, Alan McKendrick, Gary Longmuir, Steven Gray, Laurence Jack and myself.. Haha… Guided by Mrs Cushney!
Stephen Fallon: Mark. That was two years after. St Joseph’s won the league the following year. We only won the shinwell cup.
Emma Gollogly: My god just reading the comments and loads eh folk thot my dad was dead handsome I’ll need to tell my dad that one. lolol hel b aw chuffed ha xxx
Tracey McKay Fleming: Aye Mr Gollogly he’s was dead handsome.
Valerie Brown: Mr Gollogly the stud of St Blane’s Lol
Abigail Mullings: Lovely to see the old teachers! Mr Neil used to scare me!
Gerry O’Donnelly: Brilliant picture .
Kate Mcinulty: Great pic x

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