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Well aff we went on our annual crusade,
Away oer tae Rothesay, wae oor buckets and spades,
We set aff fae Blantyre, away tae Wymess Bay
Praying we could keep the ticket inspector away.

I stood at the jetty looking in awe,
At this massive big ship that would take us awa,
I stood at the bow like Jack in the Titanic,
But there was nae Rose fur me, just ma maw in a panic.

We hurried aff the gangway oan tae dry land,
There was nae time tae stop or tae take anybody’s hand,
Up tae the digs we would venture,
A one bedroom flat wae nine of us, now that was an adventure.

On to the beach we would go,
Taking turns tae go in’tae the water, that was four below,
The parents they would sit there wae their wee carry oot,
Watching the weans gaun fur a dook.

The fortnight was spent, fishing and putting,
It’s the aw ye could dae, cause ye got it fur nothing,
We had fish every night, cause we got it fur free,
Oan a Sunday ma granny, went tae the Glenburn for a spot of high tea.

Now if we were good we would get a treat,
It would be off to Zavaroni’s for aw the ice cream you could eat,
Then on to the Winter Gardens for a shot oan the shows,
Oh how good those days were, nobody know’s.
I have fond memories there,
Especially at “THE GLESGA FAIR.”

Jimmy Whelan (copyright) 2009

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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