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The Call of Greenhall

Greenhall Estate

Behind its auld wall its trees still stand tall
The auld path still leads doon tae the Cauther
And ye kin walk here aw day, ye don’t have tae pay
An’ye don’t get wan bit o bother.

Sometimes ah’ll no meet a soul as ah go fur a stroll
An’ sometimes that’s the way ah like it,
An ah pick up a stane an take ma aim
an then the stane I skite it.

Here on fallen tree with poetry book
Ah kin read the works of Rupert Brooke.
Who takes me back tae another time,
Ah Grantchester – it sounds devine.

But this is the place ah love tae be
When nature runs unkempt and free.
Far from life and all its toils
A place man has yet to spoil.

By the Cauther’s banks ye kin give the Lord thanks
Wae him ye hiv a guid talk tae
Wae him ye can share what ye think is unfair
Then wae him, ye can hiv a guid walk wae.

One day when my life is over
When I leave life’s rushing river.
I hope God has a place like this
Where I can walk forever……….

Brian Cummiskey 2010

Photo:  © Copyright Richard Webb and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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