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Schools Oot


When we were wee we had “Such Fun”
Playing kerby and chap door run
Kick the can and best man fall
Playing rounders and kicking a ball

We’d go up the Cauther or doon the Clyde
Fair Monday, we’re off tae the seaside
Going for runs on you’re Chopper bike
Motherwell boating pond fishing for pike

We’d go tae the Dandy or the Army Camps
Swim in the Quarry, in oor pants
Away to the Priory hunting for rabbits
Following our elders, picking up bad habits

We’d be making bogies, fae auld prams.
Assembling them, as fast as we can
The top of the street we would run
The harder the shove, more rubber we’d burn

We’d be eating pieces on Strawberry jam
If you were posh, you would have Spam
Eating fresh rhubarb with sugar in a poke
Upset stomach, it gied ye the boak

We’d be up the Bing, “Breed Boards” in place
Downhill racing, at such a great pace
Hame to your mother, she’d hiv a fit
You looked as though, you’d crawled oot the pit

We’d often get caught being up tae nae good
Hame wae the Polis, tae bed wae nae food
A whack wae the slipper and a stern telling aff
Another adventure, whit a great laugh

People might say we had a misspent youth
We’ll tell you, we were misunderstood
We had “Such Fun” in those bygone days
Those memories forever will stay.

Jimmy Whelan 2010

Photo: George Park


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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