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Happy New Year

 Happy New Year

Sittin in mah goonie
Face scrubbed well
Ma sister therr beside me
We’re waiting fur the bells.

Aw day long been cleaning
Oor wee singel end
Mammy gien oot orders
Drives us roon the bend

Mammys oot the windae
Sitting oan the sill
Washing aw the windaes
Me hoping she disny fall.

Jessie’s cleaning the fireplace
It wiz ma Mammy’s bidding
Ahv been telt tae get the pail
And take it tae the midden.

As the time it passes
There’s excitement in the air
And Mammys oan her hunkers
Scrubbing at the flair.

Come oan yous two she cried
It’s time tae hiv yir bath
So intae the sink wi baith o yiz
Furra thorough scrub and wash.

Underneath yir oxters
She scrubs wi a wrung oot clootie
Wi aw that durt thit’s in yir ears
Ah could grow a sack o totties.

Oan wi yir simmit and knickers
Yir Liberty bodice anaw
Wi wurr winceyette goonies
She says, yiz baith look braw.

Get oot mah road the perr of yous.
It’s nearly hauf past nine.
Ahll hifty soart the steak pie noo.
Urr it’ll no be ready in time.

We know it’s getting near the time
When ma Ma gets the table oot
There’ll be shortbreid, bun and ginger wine
Of that there is nae doot

We urr shoved in tae the recess bed
Tae keep us oot the wiy
And Mammy turns the gas doon
Oan the, smellin lovely, pie.

The peas urr in the pot
Overnight, they’ve hid a steep
The totties oan the gas ring
They’re oan a wee wee peep.

Ma Mammy takes her rollers oot
And powders up her nose
Her good froack oot the wardrope
And her shoes wi the peepy toes.

She wiz up afore us
And hisny stoapped aw day
Bit noo she’s looking beautiful
And New Year’s on the way.

It’s five tae twelve already
White Heather oan the telly
Singing songs of Scotland
The Teucheters and the Keelies

The tummlers urr oan the sideboard
Fruit cordial fur Jessie and me
A wee dram fur Ma Mammy
She deserves it, ah hope yiz agree

She opens the auld sash windae
Tae bring in the New Year
And oan the stroke of midnight
The Ship’s horns we could hear.

Ma Mammy’s started greeting
And raises up her gless
Toastin aw the folk no therr
And asking God tae bless.

Efter cuddles and kisses
the letter boax is tootin
That’ll be Uncle Peter
He’s oot therr daen furst footin.

Tall and dark and handsome
Wi whisky and coal in his haun
Wi slicked back herr and shiny shoes
And his good suit oot the pawn.

We aw sit roon the table
Tae eat oor pie and peas
Then clear away the dishes
Furra sing-song, if you please.

Aunty Nellie sings aboot water
And how it’s aw a roon
Uncle Charlie diz his Frankie Laine
Singing aboot high noon.

The party’s gaun great guns
Tae Maggie raises her haun
Och ahm away up the road noo
Coz Erchie’s sung mah song.

Jessie and me urr tired noo
Like the cat that goat the cream
So it’s us intae the recess bed
To sleep, perchance tae dream.

If any of this is familiar tae you
This New Year of days gone by
The memories of they great times
Brings a wee tear tae the eye.

By Helen Ross

Sent in by Duncan Slater


Your Comments:

Jean Nicoll: Brilliant … Tears are streamin doon ma face !! Xx
Liz Allan: Me too. Wheatland avenue memories
Jean Nicoll: Deffo Liz lol xxx
Linda Curtis: Love it Uncle Duncan. X
Helen Dyer: brings back good memories.. xx
Hugh Hainey: Brilliant, says it all,
Jan Steel Holiff: This is a special New Year treat. Thank you Bill.
Rose Sporndli: Brought back so many happy memories.
Karen Nicoll: Love it…. gr8 happy memories xxx
Ann Millar: Memories!! Happy wans anaw.x
Fiona Pringle: My childhood to a T x
Margaret Lindner: Sounds about right ….
Sadie Nicholl: Brill xx
Jim McDougall: Aye I remember those years gone by, and yes it brings a tear to the eye
Betty Brown: Happy new yr, and healthy.
Hope Blantyre’s Ain does well, Betty, ????????. Cheers

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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