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Character Reference

Cosy Corner

Blantyre’s had its share of characters
True comedians every wan
It’s had Jinxy Regan, Pipe Armstrong
And even Johnny Mann

Wondrous stories or tales of woe
Fluent ‘til the last bell rang
Andy Kelly, the Blantyre King
Nicknamed for the songs he sang

List of characters goes on and on
These guys are part of our Folk Lore
The stories these guys did tell
Cannot be bought in any book store

In pubs and clubs within our town
Characters by the dozen
Telling stories out of school
About their brother or their cousin

New songs and stories about our town
New characters emerging every day
Times have changed and we must progress
Our memories will never go away…

J.J. Whelan 2011


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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