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Blantyre Priory
{whom shall tell thy ancient story)

Blantyre Priory

On Blantyre Craig on the River Clyde there stood a Holy Place,
wherein the word of Christendom was preached in olden days
a brotherhood of holy men came here in days of yore
to spread the word of god as was their chosen chore.

This Priory built by men of god is no longer in our midst
but should you approach this holy place in the early morning mist
the feeling of a presence is everywhere around
and seems to overwhelm as you tread this holy ground.

One spring morn’ I made my way down thru’ Blantyre Braes
and came upon a stranger camped in this holy place
sitting in the morning sun beside a small camp fire
deep in concentration meditation was his desire.

Eyes closed deep in thought he never opened his eyes
and sat completely unaware as I quietly passed him by
I was almost out of sight when I heard him hail me so
wait kind sir I beg of you, there is something I wish to know

Ever since I came here, there is a feeling of something near,
watching o’er every move I make, whilst in my heart strikes fear,
‘tis why I’ve stayed here overnight and lay in yonder bed,
with night, came dreams and sounds, that linger in my head.

Pray tell kind sir what is this place, do you know its history ?
who made the carvings on the rock, do they tell a story?
‘tis said there is a tunnel, twixt yonder castle and here ?
and that a monk lies buried under each and every osier ?

‘Tis true there was a priory here, of that there is no doubt,
the carvings, Tommy Hawkins was the man who carved them out.
a tunnel was said to be discovered in the year of ‘45,
a monk buried every tree, not proven yet not denied.

All these things I tell you maybe true yet maybe false,
no one lives to tell truth of these ancient walls,
be they fact or fiction, ’tis difficult to explain,
our elders spoke in whispers, of a Priory and Friar William,

So stranger please be careful, as you tread this holy ground,
for you are in the presence of monks of such renown,
tho’ they’re dead and gone, even yet they still remain,
to remind us that our God is near and this be his domain!     

James Cornfield.2002


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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