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Parkville Roadhouse, Blantyre

Its Sunday morning, the smell of ham is travellin’ up the stair
Can still taste last nites bevy, and pizza thro ma hair,
We set aboot oor Saturday nite, just the back o 8
That was us till closing time we ended in a state.

Two pints in the Parkville, the West End for a jar
Back to Craigs, then the Cozy, or maybe the Priory Bar
The Smiddy it was timeless, the smell was in the air
Fags, pipes and dugs, wi sawdust on the flair.

Headin tae Matt Boyles, the crowd was pretty mixed
The usuall cry fae big Peter, wee man how u fixed.
Andy Kelly is holdin court, with ‘burn your playhouse down’
Pipe Armstrong telling stories, funniest guy in town.

The Village bar or Teddies, the Knights or Union Jack.
we headed to the Hoolets, just to hear the crack.
We staggered past the Doon Inn, then down to the Vics,
Then James Mcguire shouted ‘hey boys am takin pics’

All the pubs have changed now, and some are even gone,
The superstars in all the bars passed their stories on
At the height and on the day these guys were the best
Sadly here no longer, and mostly laid to rest.

Drew Semple (May 2011) Copyright grecodisc.


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