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Come Jine Me

Come Jine Me

Refresh yersel, come jine me do,
Come staun ower here and huv a few,
And we’ll baith woo the golden grain,
Come jine me fur a hauf my friend.

The influence is nice, ye’ll see,
When under it yer worries flee,
And leave ye free, nae cares or pain,
There’s two mair comin’ up again.

So here’s a toast tae your guid health!
Tae happiness and future wealth!
Onythin’ else ye care tae name,
Guid on ye, get them up again.

Ah’m gled ye’ve came tae jine me here,
Tae share a hauf, perhaps a beer,
So Ah say cheers! Let’s no’ restrain!
Ah’d better order up again.

Whit dae ye think of this wee place?
A better pub ye couldnae trace,
Its friendly face has equal nane,
Ah think it’s your turn, same again.

In pubs it’s company they sell,
There’s plenty folk just like yersel,
The bevvy well, mix wi’ their ain,
Haud on, Ah’ll get them up again.

Ah like a wee hauf noo and then,
In ony nummer up tae ten,
Ah’m sure ye ken, Ah could refrain,
It’s time ye got them up again.

There’s some folk say Ah drink too much,
They say fur me it’s just a crutch,
Held in its clutch, gaun doon the drain,
Nonsense! Ah’ll order up again!

Huv anither, Ah must insist,
Ye cannae leave until ye’re pissed,
Ye’ll no be missed, by them back hame,
Besides, it’s your round, same again.

Drink up noo, don’t dilly-dally,
Ye look a bit peely-wally,
Whit’s the tally? Ma turn again?
We’ll huv anither two the same.

Ye’d maybe better huv a brek,
Ye look ready tae hit the deck,
A bevvied wreck, ye’re oot the game,
Fae noo on Ah’ll just buy ma ain.

Whit possessed ye tae drink sae much?
Ye’d think it’s yer first time, as such,
Right ootae touch, like some daft wean,
Haud on, Ah need a drink again.

Sit doon ower there and huv a rest,
Even though ye tried yer best,
Ye’ve failed the test, ye’re no’ a man,
Ye cannae haud it like Ah can.

Ach, never mind, ye’ll be okay,
Ah drink in here near every day,
Ye’re welcome tae jine me again,
Oh, by the way, whit’s yer name?

Lon McIlwraith
Copyright 1982, 2009


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