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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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The Pey Brig

Footpath Bridge from Livingstone’s to Bothwell.

Pey BrigThe bridge shown in this photo was referred to locally as the “Pey Brig” as there was a toll paid to the brig toll keeper (Jake McBain). The bridge was built in 1852 by the Monteiths of Blantyre Works, it later changed hands and became the property of William Baird and Company, Coal masters, who leased the toll collection rights to the highest bidder.

At it’s peak the brig was collecting between four and five thousand ha’penny tolls every week!

Footbridge The old “Pey Brig” was closed on 26th April 1949 to be replaced by a new bridge in October, 1952. This new bridge, the “David Livingstone Bridge” was somewhat shorter-lived than it’s predecessor only lasting 50 years before being demolished and replaced once more in 2002.

My Dad told the story of one foggy winter’s night, when he was crossing the Bridge, coming towards him was a very tall man in a Top Hat and Cape carrying a Cane. As they met in the middle of the Bridge, the Tall Man said, “It’s a fine night for a Murder!”. My Dad reckoned he broke the four minute mile on the way home.

Aerial view of the new Livingstone Footbridge, built in 2002, in relation to Shuttle Row and the Blantyre Weir.  Aerial Footbridge Weir


 Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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