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Auchinraith Vaults

Auchinraith Vaults, opposite Muir Street, later Matt’s Bar. Now sadly Closed.

Auchinraith Vaults, Matt's BarA few years ago I got an email from a Lady in Albuquerque in the the USA who had read an article about a wee boy from Blantyre called Jack Brown, who had a problem smiling. His family took him to a Specialist in Canada for an operation which would enable him to smile.

The Lady wanted to know the name of the Specialist as her granddaughter had the same problem. So, I Googled it and found a newspaper article in the Evening Times and a story on STV. The Evening Times said that the journalist who wrote the article no longer worked there so they couldn’t help me. STV did not reply to my request.

I then phoned every ‘Brown’ in the phone book hoping that they knew of the little boy, perhaps as a relative. No luck.

A few weeks went past when one day I was in Mr Dean’s Wee Shop and a part time Lady was serving, so I asked her if she remembered the story and to my joy she said, “Yes, I do. I know his Granny.”

I asked her where she lived but she didn’t know as she only knew her from shopping in Asda.

Disappointed at another dead end, as I was walking away she said, “You might try Matt’s Bar because they raised some money for him”.

So, I phoned Matt’s Bar and told the Manager the story who confirmed that the Bar had raised £3,500 to help send the little boy to Canada. And would I like to talk to his father because he was standing next to him. He then said that if the Lady in the USA wanted them to raise some sponsorship, they would be happy to do so. I put the Lady in Albuquerque in touch with the Brown family and the rest is history.

That’s Blantyre folk for you…

Your Comments:

Helen Devine: The response from the people of Blantyre was amazing, what a great story, thanks for posting it.
Drew Semple: Great wee story Bill, fantastic mate. Typical of the Blantyre folk. Well done.
Helen Devine: Jack is my nephew.
Jane Paterson: Yeh I remember that, I know is family well. Blantyre done well.
Stephen Kelly: Lovely story. Aye we’re no a bad wee people.
Nicola Stewart: Ryan Brown. Heres a story about Jack. Xx
John Macleod: Looks about to be demolished ??!!


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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