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Frank Benham outside his shop c.1923/24

Dear Bill,

Frank Benham outside his shop c.1923/24

I hope you still want old photos of Blantyre. The first one is of William Francis Benham (known as Frank) outside his shop in Blantyre.

Frank was my Great Grandmothers` brother. He was born in Edinburgh, married in Glasgow and settled in Blantyre (around 1892). He was married to Elizabeth Ann Pearson Craig (Lizzie), and they had three daughters- Elizabeth (Bessie), Margaret (Meg) and Jane. They also had a son William, who died in infancy in 1895. He was born at Darvoch Cottage in Blantyre. Frank died in 1925 at Craig Rock, Glasgow Road, Blantyre.

Frank Benham & Family c.1923/24

Frank Benham & Family c.1923/24

The second photo is of (l to r back) Frank Benham, Lizzie Benham, Bessie Benham, Molly Benham (my Grandmother) and Charles Benham (my Grandfather). The children to the front are my Mum (Helen Benham), my Uncle (Charlie Benham) and my Aunt (Betty Benham). I believe this picture was taken in their garden at Craig Rock.

Both pictures are C1923/4. Bessie married David Campbell and lived near the station as I remember her garden backed onto the rail track near the platform also it was not far from David Livingstone’s House/Museum. Anyway, if any of this is of use to you for your website, please feel free to use it.


Eleanor Stenhouse

Hi Bill,

I was looking at you website and found the photo of Frank Benham outside his shop. It was on Stonefield Road, no 11.

As far as I know, Benhams owned the shop, then it belonged to 2 sisters (I was talking to my mum again and she recalled the name Bessie Benham, so
perhaps the shop was taken over by Bessie and one of her sisters), then a man from Holytown owned it.

It then belonged to my mum Sheila Russell and was a newsagents, grocer etc, she became the owner around 1963/64 and she had until the late 70’s when it was taken over by the chap who had the newsagents on Glasgow Road ( I cannot remember his name, sorry).

I do know that when my mum had the shop, people still called it Benham’s, even though he hadn’t been in it in a while!

As you may have guessed I’m an old Blantyre lass, although I’m not there now. My family owned the farm at Wheatlandhead.

Anyway, I hope that’s filled in a ‘blank’.


Elaine Russell


Your Comments:

Kate Mcinulty: Did that become Norriss then at the penn close ? x

Blantyre’s Ain: Norris’s was across the road where the Co-op is now Kate.

Kate Mcinulty: Ok thanks got a bit confused as you do lol. x

Betty Hepburn: Sorted my question on our mystery on Georgie ?, She was raised by a Maiden Aunt, Lizzie McCallum + not by the Benham’s (just close friends ) she did come to New Zealand and had time with her Friend Jeanne Reade an american niece of the Benham’s x

Betty Hepburn: Hi I’m wondering if someone might have a good memory here, looking for information on a Person that was called Georgie ( last name Unknown ) and we think she and perhaps other siblings were raised by one off the Benham’s. Georgia came out here to New Zealand to visit another Benham relative, would love to find Georgie’s Family name (is she a relation to the Benhams ???

Betty Hepburn: I’m related to the Benham’s this my mum’s Uncle Frank, his wife was Lizzie, had 3 daughters, Margaret (Meg), Jane (Jean), Elizabeth ( Bessie) x

John Maguire: No Norris’s was across the road where the Spar shop was, McCallum’s was at the end before in cut into the wallpaper shop. Down from Benham’s there used to a launderette, and McVey’s had a vacuum shop, there was also Gilbert the baker on the other side, the tanning shop is there now, just remembered it was Mr & Mrs Proudfoot who owned McCallum’s, they were a lovely couple.

Elizabeth Baillie Alemanno: Omg.!!! Forgot about Benham’s!

Liz Allan: I remember Elaine, her brother and mum and dad well I loved the house they lived in upstairs I remember as i watched them a few times, her mum was so lovely. My name was wotherspoon then.


If you have any Photos… Send them to Bill

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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