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Congregational Church c1880

Congregational Church 1880

Neil Gordon gives a very good account of the previous Congregational Church building in his book, ‘Blantyre An Historical Dictionary’, before it was demolished in 1954.

Neil wrote: ‘Written on a parchment, found behind one of the foundation stones, when the church was eventually demolished in 1954, was a short history of the church which read, Rev H Liddell called the church “Evangelical Union Church,” and construction commenced on 10th April 1878. In 1878 the Rev William Wylie was accepted as minister and was inducted on 5th May that year.’

The church was demolished when it was discovered that underground workings had made the building unsafe. In 1920, when the structural faults became apparent, a special fundraising effort was started in order to finance the reinforcement of the church and re-slate the roof, which was in need of repair.

Congregational Church

The present church was constructed on the same site at Craig Street, which was formerly called, ‘Slag Road’ and was probably owned by John Craig, a local landowner, who, thought Neil, was also a benefactor of the early church considering that his property was used as a temporary church in 1877. The present Congregational Church was constructed and opened for worship in 1958.

Nancy McFadden: This is the church that I went to when I was growing up, what a great minister was Mr. Patterson and Mr. Livingstone the head of the Sunday school, I still have a Sunday school prize from there.

Ian Dino McDougall: I remember Mr. Patterson too. I think he was the school vicar? Happy memories.

Laurie Allan Crothers: I went to this church and the Sunday School when I was young. Long before Mr. Patterson. My sister, Mhairi, got married there in 1979.  A lovely wee church.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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