Glasgow Road looking East

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

Glasgow Road looking East

Glasgow Road Looking East c1925


A peaceful time on Glasgow Road between the wars with a Tram coming from Motherwell. The Tramlines have been extended from the Tram Terminus at Livingstone Church in 1907, to the West End where passengers would change trams to go to Cambuslang, Rutherglen and Glasgow.

The homes in Glasgow Road were mostly semi-detached properties with dormer roofs and built of local sandstone. They had gardens front and rear although the front gardens were reduced in size when the road was widened. Electricity was not supplied until 1936 so these homes were lit by gas lanterns or oil lamps, heating, of course, was by coal fires. Glasgow Road Looking East c2010


 Norwood Glasgow Road 1936

Electricity supply being laid in Glasgow Road?

A message from Elizabeth Rook said, “My grandparents stayed in Glasgow Road (326 “Norwood” around 1938. ) Grandpa bought the house from a woman who owned a public house or houses in Blantyre. The house had no electricity and seemingly my Grandfather had the gas lighting removed as they were promised electricity (Clyde company??), however they waited a few years using paraffin lamps before that happened. I have a few photos of my Gran and Aunt at the front of the house, when they were laying the electricity supply. He also told stories of miners throwing bags of coal slag from the bing over their garden wall when the police were in pursuit.

Sorry meant to say my grandfathers name was John Hart. My dad was Daniel, he was born in 1916, my dates are a little out, looking at the photos, maybe 1930 or so.


Elizabeth’s Gran and Aunt at the front of Norwood  Norwood Glasgow Road 1936

 Norwood Glasgow Road  Norwood as it is today.

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