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Blantyre Cottage HospitalThe old cottage hospital stands at no. 63 Bardykes Road, just along from Barnhill. Blantyre had a fever hospital from around 1860, but at the turn of the century local doctors started to appeal for additional resources, and in February 1906 a public meeting was held to discuss methods of raising funds amongst Blantyre residents.

Local businessmen such as the caolmasters also made donations, but these were not entirely philanthropic since their workers often needed the facilities of a hospital. Opened in 1910, the hospital was the first of its kind in the county to be paid by public subscription. Despite an article appearing in the Gazette in the 1930’s about mineral reserves in its grounds, the building is still standing as a private residence! Local health services are now catered for by the district health centre in Victoria Street.

The Glasgow Herald – Feb 14, 1939

Blantyre Cottage Hospital to Close Down

Blantyre Cottage Hospital, which has been a useful institution in the Parish for the past 30 years is now to be closed down.

The annual general meeting took place last night when those present included Mr James Lawson, president; Mr Frank Stevenson, honorary secretary; and Mr Robson, honorary treasurer.

The financial position as outlined by Mr Robson, agent of the Blantyre branch of the Commercial Bank, showed that the Association was in a hopeless condition. It took between £500 and £600 annually to run the hospital, and for some years past the yearly income showed a deficit of from £150 to £200 per year.

To meet these yearly deficiencies, said Mr Robson, the board had to go into their reserve fund and now that fund was exhausted.

Although the funds in hand at the moment are not sufficient to clear off the current debts on the hospital, the committee will make a special effort to have these debts discharged. The nursing staff are to be notified that their services will be dispensed within one month.

The hospital at one time regularly accommodated about 10 patients on every day of the year.



Blantyre Cottage HospitalThe Glasgow Herald – Feb 13, 1939

Blantyre Cottage Hospital Closed Down.

Blantyre Cottage Hospital, after an existence of 30 years, has been closed down.

The hospital which was maintained by voluntary subscription, had in recent years experienced a series of deficits.

The assets of the hospital, including buildings, amounts to approximately £3,000. It is provided in the trust deeds that in the event of the hospital closing down the trustees may utelise the available funds to assist sick or injured persons residing within the Parish of Blantyre.


Margo Haughen: Mrs Glen still lives there, she was a teacher, maths I think. Charlie died many years ago….a real character- he grew vines in the garden and made lovely wine!

Paul McGunnigal: Mrs Glen was a science teacher. Great wee wummin. Always took time out to say hello and ask how I was whenever I bumped into her.

John Sneddon: Between Hoolet’s and West End Bar, been private house for years, think it was Glen the painter ‘n decorator who owned it.

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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