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Dixon’s Miner’s Wives Run To the Pithead

Dixon's Miner's Wives Run To the PitheadAs the Pit Horn blasts out, the Miner’s wives run to the Pithead in a panic.

The constant blast of the Pit Horn warned them them that there was trouble at the Mine.

Imagine the Fear and Panic as the Miner’s wives instantly stopped what they were doing, dropped everything and ran through the Raws to the Pithead, fearing for their Husband’s and Son’s lives…

The news that followed was worse than anyone could ever imagine.

On this frightful day, some 216 miners lost their lives either immediately or soon after, due to their injuries.

The frightening thing is the ages of some of those miners. Some as young as fourteen. Also, the number of family members lost on this dreadful day, brothers, fathers, cousins, adopted sons… See list of Dead Here


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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