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Dixon’s Pits

In the late 1700’s coal was being mined in Cambuslang and was being brought to Blantyre to fuel the furnaces and steam engines of the Blantyre Works and Mills which opened in 1785.

As the Lanarkshire coalfields were further opened up, in 1835, coal was also being brought from the Hamilton area at a cost of between 5 and 6 shillings per ton. Another pit which supplied the Mills was Blantyreferme No.3 Colliery, which was sunk in 1850 by the Ayrshire company, A & G Moore

In 1867 however, test borings revealed a number of seams of high quality coal in the Blantyre area. In 1871, the first two pits Blantyre Colliery.

Nos. 1 and 2 were sunk in High Blantyre by William Dixon Ltd., and the first coal drawn by 1873.

Dixon's No 1 and 2 Pits
Dixon's No 3 Pit No. 3 Pit was sunk about between 1873-75 and coal drawn in 1876 and No. 4 Pit was producing coal in 1878, and rows (houses) for the workers – Dixon’s Rows, were built about 1871-72.
Priestfield Colliery which opened in 1872 was another of Dixon’s pits, and rows (houses) for the workers – Priestfield Rows, were built about 1872-73.  Priestfield Pit 1915


The Ejection of the Blantyre Widows

Dixon’s Raws

Priestfield Rows

Priestfield Rows


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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