Comparison of building quality

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Comparison of building quality

Comparison of building quality Dixon’s Raws 1919

Dixon’s Raws, built 1871/2 were built of brick and not very well maintained thereafter as you can see by this 1919 photo. They were demolished in the late 1950’s. Photo by Mary Wood.

Priestfield Raws, also owned by Dixon’s had these Raws built in 1872, but as you can see, they were of a much better quality than Dixon’s Raws. Photo by Wilma Bolton. Priestfield Terrace 1957
Comparison of building quality Baird's Raws
Craighead Rows, known locally as Baird’s Raws, were built of stone by Purdie Builders of Coatbridge on behalf of Wm. Baird, in 1878 and were demolished in the late 1950’s. Photo by Ellen Clarkin.
Likewise, Mount Pleasant in Springwell were of a superior stone build and are still standing today. Built by Robert Watson Builders, Glasgow. Photo by Bill Sim. Mount Pleasant Miners Cottages, Blantyre


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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