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 Miners and Weans fae Baird’s Raws

My Dad, Wullie Sim,  would have worked with these miners. He used to tell the story about how they used the handles of pails to shape their bunnets, but I think he was just winding us up. Craighead Miners
Baird's Raws Kids The weans o’ Baird’s Raws Early 50’s

Sent in by John Dunsmore whose sister, Ruby, is third on the back row

Margaret Devine – Bridie Travers – Ruby Dunsmore

Sadie McKinnon, Mary Devine, Ethel Murray, May Murray

Cathie Murray, Betty Gibson, ? Travers, James Devine, Cathie Devine

Ethel Watson: I am a Murray Ethel

John Dunsmore: I think the other girls name was. Francis. Travers.

Mary Waddell: Where was this Marie l don’t know it ?

John Dunsmore: It was the Bottom raw Baird’s Row down where Parks Coaches are now there also was a greyhound race track and Blantyre Celtic junior fitba team pitch.

Lynette Coulter: Aw my wee mum cathie coulter (Murray) ❤️

Jean Maxwell: I remember the Murray girls well.

Melissa Marshall: Aw my Gran Ruby ? xx

The weans o’ Baird’s Raws 1929-30

Just think how innocent they were back then. They wouldn’t even know why they had to stand still or kneel and probably didn’t know what a photograph was. And yet to come was the second World War and all the adversity that brought. I would just love to be able to trace their individual lives, now that would be a story worth telling.

The weans o' Baird's Raws 1929-30


Your Comments:

Maureen McGilligan Downie: That’s my Dad front row in the middle behind the ball James McGilligan.

Blantyre’s Ain: Wow Maureen, is he still with us?

Maureen McGilligan Downie: No my Dad died 37 years come the 18th of December. (1977)

Jim McDougall: What a brilliant photo Bill . It brings back memories of growing up in Dixon’s Raws in the 40s.

Wendy Dalgleish: That’s when kids played in the dirt lol.

Brendan O’neill: My mum was a Baird’s raws wean.

Ann Stevens: My mum was a Baird’s Raws lassie. Her name was McKinnon and lived in bottom raw.

Heather Mcwilliam: What a great picture and what a range of facial expression.

Helen Dunsmuir: Great picture.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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