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Russell Family – Past history of the Farm

The original farmhouse that was built in 1734 was demolished in the 1960's due to subsidence, from the years of mining.The original farmhouse that was built in 1734 was demolished in the 1960’s due to subsidence, from the years of mining. Elaine Russell wrote, “I can’t go back as far as 1734, but in 1841 the farmer there was called Charles Brest aged 35. By 1851 it had changed hands and the farmer’s name was David Hamilton aged 31, he had one labourer and had 20 acres. From, 1861 census, it was owned by a John Corbett aged 63 and he farmed 28 acres. He still owned it in 1871, it was still 28 acres, he employed 9 men and 1 woman.

By 1881 the farm was owned by Alexander Anderson aged 43, originally from Aberdeen, he was classed as a market gardener on the census. In 1891 it was owned by Alexander Miller aged 29, his occupation was farmer, he still owned it in 1901 and it was from him that we bought it in 1917. Wheatland Cottage was bought in 1928.

I know when my family owned it back in my great grandfather’s day, we had around 56 acres. It went as far as the viaducts going up towards East Kilbride, it was orchards around there and then down as far as Glasgow Road.”

More recent History.

Benham's shop at 11 Stonefield Road

Elaine Russell, granddaughter of Robert Russell wrote, “Benham’s shop at 11 Stonefield Road later belonged to my mum Sheila Russell and was a newsagents, grocer etc, she became the owner around 1963/64 and she had until the late 70’s when it was taken over by the chap who had the newsagents on Glasgow Road ( I cannot remember his name, sorry).

I do know that when my mum had the shop, people still called it Benham’s, even though he hadn’t been in it for a while!”


 Robert Russell 

Feb. 19, 1872, Scotland

Jan. 8, 1925, Scotland

Jessie Wilson 

Mar. 21, 1872, Scotland

Jan. 4, 1938, Scotland

Elizabeth Ewing Russell 1894-1954
Thomas Russell (1895 – 1959)
George Ewing Russell (1900 – Feb. 27, 1917 – Thessaloniki, Greece
Robert Russell 1902-1955
Jessie Wilson Russell 1909-1978 (died in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe).
Thomas Russell

Thomas Russell

Dec. 23, 1895 – Glasgow
1959 – Blantyre

Marie Anderson Shaw

Marie Anderson Shaw

July 4, 1901 – Blantyre
1987 – Blantyre

Robert Russell 1922-1996
James Shaw Russell (1928 – 1981)
Thomas Wilson Russell (1938 – 1980)
Robert Russell

Robert Russell

James Shaw Russell

James Shaw Russell (Dad)

Thomas Wilson RussellThomas Wilson Russell

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