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Postcard of River Calder at Crossbasket, Blantyre

 Postcard of River Calder at Crossbasket, Blantyre
 Postcard of River Calder at Millheugh, Blantyre

Postcard of River Calder at Milheugh, Blantyre

Postcard of River Calder at Milheugh Bridge, BlantyrePostcard of River Calder at Milheugh Bridge, Blantyre

Milheugh Bridge looking upstream. Underneath the bridge was known as Soldiers Hole. “Sodger’s Hole”

A soldier, home on leave from the first world war, drowned in the deep hole below Milheugh Bridge. When the bridge was demolished and rebuilt in 1948, the hole was filled in with the rubble from the old bridge and concreted over.

It was very common for the photographer to be accompanied by his wife as can be seen in lots of the old photographs. In this one there is a lady on the right bank carrying a child, so that could be the photographers wife in this case.

As for the six or seven urchins on top of the bridge… well they could tell their own story if they could.


All of these photos have been donated by Elsie Fotheringham, formerly from Springwell and the Village, now Poplar Place, Blantyre. Elsie and her husband David are pillars of the Blantyre Community and we thank them for this valuable contribution.


If you have any Photos… Send them to Bill

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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