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Aint No Characters Anymore

Hi Bill,

This is a song I wrote about Blantyre about 9/10 years ago, of all my great memories from the past and the great people from yesteryear, use it if you wish. I was born and bred in the Orlettes in Ivy Place, mum stayed there until she passed away in July 2005, the times we had will always be with me…

Aint No Characters Anymore.

cd-coverO’er the park fur a gemme o’ shoots, ma maw bought me fitba boots,
Oot o tandem or matt the poles, put the jaikets ahint the goals,
They were Celtic we were the Rangers, in those days there were no strangers.
Those days are gone and the pain is sore, aint no characters anymore.

Doon the prefabs up the bing, o’er the Cawther I made a swing.
Doon tae Vinsie’s tae get a chip, walkin hame ye got nae lip.
Went tae the Broadway once or twice then tae Mickey’s fur a mars and ice.
Those days are gone and the pain is sore, aint no characters anymore.

I miss the old days, the old ways and the suns rays.
I miss my old mates, the white gates and Wullie Pates.
Remember Nessies, the cosy and Rosendale.
Davy Livvies, Battersies fur a pun o nails.

Born in the Orlettes among the guid folk, when aw the punters could take a wee joke.
O’er tae McVeys tae huv a beer, walkin hame there was nae fear,
but now they say that life’s a bore, there aint no characters anymore.

Drew Semple

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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