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Broompark House in Broompark Road was the home and one time surgery of Dr and Dr Jope, a husband and wife team.

They had a surgery in Causeystaines adjacent to where the dental practice is now, and later on, one in Glasgow Road just along from Forrest Street.

The surgery in Glasgow Road was dark and painted in dark green. I can still remember the smell of disinfectant that was always present. the seating was a long bench and the patients used to slide up a position each time a patient left, until it was their turn to see the doctor.

My Dad said that Dr Jope would point at him with a nicotined finger and tell him to give up smoking or it would kill him.

The entrance to Broompark Road had pillars with greek style urns on top, which were always full of water, except when it froze over. It was a ritual for me and my pals to jump up and dip our fingers in the urn every time we passed the gates.

John Ogilvie R.C. ChurchThey sold Broompark House to the Roman Catholic Church, who demolished the house and built the John Ogilvie R.C. Church on the site which was built in 1979.

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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