High Blantyre War Memorial

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Blantyre's Heroes

High Blantyre War Memorial
High Blantyre War Memorial

1914 to 1918

“Salute the memory of these thy sons who with hardihood endurance
and courage fought & laid down their lives in the Great War”

“Their name shall be had in everlasting remembrance”

Adair Alexander .. Logan David
Adair Robert Loudon Alexander
Aird John Lynch Charles
Allan Hugh Mackie John
Armstrong James Madden James
Auld Ebenezar Mailey John
Barett Henry Mair Andrew
Barr Joseph Marshall Jacob
Barry Robert Marshall James
Beetham William Maxwell John D
Bennett Thomas Messenger Edward
Black George Middleton William
Black William Mills Henry
Boyd James Mitchell Robert
Boyd James Moffat Andrew
Boyd John Moir James C
Boyd John C Moore William
Boyle Alexander Morrison Norman
Boyle Henry Muir James
Boyle Hugh Muir James
Boyle James Muirhead Robert
Boyle James Muirhead William
Boyle John Mulholland Charles
Brown James Mulrine Thomas
Brown Robert Mulvanney John
Brown Thomas Murdoch David
Browning James Murdoch John
Browning James Murdoch Thomas
Bryson David Murphy James
Burns Alexander Murphy Hugh
Cables Joseph Murphy Tobias
Cairney Frank McAnulty Joseph
Campbell John W McCall Donald
Campbell Robert McCall William
Campbell Wellwood McCann Edward
Campbell William McCombe James
Carr Thomas McCliments Stewart
Casey Daniel McCormack Hugh
Cavannagh John McCulloch Peter
Christian Frank McDonald James
Clark Henry McDougall Edward
Clark Peter McGeachie James
Clark Robert McGhie John
Clark Thomas McGill Henry
Cochrane John McGill John
Colligan Thomas McGovern James
Colligan William McGuiness John
Colquhoun Alexander McIlwain John
Cook Charles McInally Robert
Cooper Thomas McIntyre Angus
Connell James McKee Michael
Cossar Robert McLean James
Craig John McLeod Kenneth
Crawford Alexander McLeland Robert
Greer William McLinden John
Crookston James McMillan Alexander
Crosbie Robert McPhail Rodger
Cullen James McQuade Edward
Currie Andrew McQuade Peter
Currie Walter Neilson William
Daley Michael Nelson James
Davidson James Nicholas Robert
Davidson James Nimmo Robert
Davidson Thomas O’Brien John
Davidson William O’Neil Owen
Davidson William Orr George
Dawson William J Orr Lionel
Devine Robert Paterson John
Devlin Edward Paterson John
Devlin Francis Paton Walter
Devlin Hugh Pettigrew William
Devlin James Pollock John
Devon Robert Potter Gavin
Dickson William Potter Thomas
Docherty John Quinn Francis
Donnachie Thomas Reid Henry
Douglas Arthur Reid Henry
Douglas George Reid Matthew
Douglas Neil Rennie James
Douglas Patrick J. Richardson Alexander
Dowdell John Ritchie James
Downie Alexander Ritchie Malcolm
Duff John Ritchie Thomas
Duffy Hugh Robb William
Duncan Robert Robertson James
Duncan Robert Robertson James
Dunn Robert Robertson Peter
Dunsmuir David Rooney Peter
Dunsmuir James Ross John
Farrell John Rundley Charles
Farry Thomas Rundley Edward
Feeley Robert Russell Hugh
Ford John Ryans William
Frame Edward Scott Norman
Frew Robert Scott William
Gallacher Peter Scott William
Galloway Thomas Semple James
Gardiner Thomas Sharp Laurie
Gibb Archibald Shaw Robert
Gibson Adam Shaw Robert D
Gibson George Shearer James
Gibson Hugh Shearer Thomas
Gibson Thomas Sim John
Gillespie Alexander Simington Andrew
Gillon Charles Simpson William
Goodman Alfred Slaven Thomas
Gormley James Small James
Gourlay Samuel Smith John
Graham Jeremiah Smith John H
Graham Nisbet Smith William
Graham Robert Sneddon Hugh
Graham William Sneddon James
Granger Thomas Sommerville George
Gray Cunningham Spiers James
Gray William Stephen George J
Greer William Steven Alexander
Hailes William Steven John
Halkett Peter Steven John
Hamilton James Stewart David A
Hamilton John Stokes James
Harper Duncan Stokes Neil
Hart Frank Strang William
Hastie Alexander Struthers William
Hayburn Robert Taggart James
Heffron Thomas Taggart Michael
Henderson John Taylor Daniel
Henderson William Tennant Dougals
Higgins Rodger Tennant John
Hill James Tonner Charles
Hunter Samuel Torley Patrick
Irvine John Thomson James
Jackson Alfred Thorburn Charles
Jackson Robert Thorburn Thomas
Jones Alexander Twaddle James
Kane Joseph Urquhart Alexander
Kelly Daniel Walker James
Kelly Frank Ward Michael
Kelly Michael Waugh Hugh
Kelly Michael Wells James
Kelly William White John
Kernohan David Wilson Robert
Kerr Peter Wilson Thomas J
Kerr Peter Young John
King Thomas
Kirkland Andrew


Laird William Fisher Robert
Lawson Robert Lannican Edward
Lawson Walter Marshall Archibald
Lawson William Montague John
Lee Charles McCue Michael
Lina Michael McGlashan Robert
Lindsay John Young Edwin
Little John McDonald Roderick




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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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