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Charge of the Sixth Cameronians

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Splendid Heroism of Captain Brown

(Passed by the Censor)

Private Wm. Millar, of B Company, 6th Cameronians, writing to a friend at Falkirk, tells of the great charge they made.

He says – “The Colonel and Adjutant fell early; then Major Shaw took command till he was wounded twice, and on going back to get bandaged he was killed. Big Captain Brown (of Blantyre) showed us his true self then. He was wounded twice in the face and back, but he still kept in front shouting encouragement to us.

We took three lines of trenches, and then got into the village, where we dug ourselves in. The Captain was staggering but would not go back, and ordered no retiral for B Company. His rifle and bayonet were covered in blood. He did great work. He seemed to be crying when he fell dead. He was the hero of the charge. He died as he lived – a real soldier. Lieutenant Campbell brought us out.”

“I was wounded with shrapnel on the wrist, back and shoulder. I got the X-rays on my wrist today. I am getting on fine but it will be a long while before I get over Tuesday night’s work. It was murder. We did not get a sporting chance. The Germans fired on us till we were only 20 yards from them; and then they put up their hands.”

Source: Daily Record and Mail, Thursday, July 1st 1915

Splendid Heroism of Captain Brown



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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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