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Church of the Nazerine

Church of NazareneThe Blantyre Holiness Mission, who used to worship in the Caldwell Halls on the corner of Auchinraith Road, purchased a Nissan Hut in 1910 and erected it in Jackson Street.

When the flats were built in Elm St in 1952, they asked the Council to lay a path to the rear of the Nissan Hut to gain access. This later became the main entrance and the layout of the interior of the Church was completely reversed to reflect this.

A new Church was erected in 1982

Church of the Nazarene

Church of the Nazerine

Time eventually caught up with the old Nissan hut and the present church was constructed directly opposite. The old structure was later demolished. Mrs Janet Mackie officially opened the new church when the first service and dedication took place on 24th October 1982.

In 1999 the Church of the Nazarene building, which is located behind St Andrew’s Church, was bought primarily to accommodate the Sunday Funday Club but also to provide increased space for other organisations. Study groups and worship services in the more intimate Nazarene Hall (as it is now called) are held regularly.

Your Social Comments:

Sally Jamieson: Now known as the Nazarene Hall it is an extension of St Andrews Parish Church, Church of Scotland.

Mary Boyle: Remember Miss Reid a regular worshiper. She and my nana were pals. Xx

Moyra Lindsay: You’re grandpa did my dad’s funeral service and as they had both worked for Blantyre Co-op it was quIte entertaining.

William Mackie: Janet was my gran and my grandpa William was the minister of the new church.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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