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 Barnhill Tavern The Barnhill Tavern, Barnhill Road, known affectionately as ‘The Hoolets Nest’. Former Landlady was Margo McDonald MSP.
Taken a few years earlier than the last picture, this picture, looking from Bardykes Road, gives a better view of the Barnhill Tavern; still standing and still quaint, known locally as ‘The Hoolet’s’. Barnhill Tavern
Margo MacDonald

Fifty years ago the proprietor was Nelly Moir, eventually succeeded by Peter MacDonald the piper.

More recently, Margo MacDonald of the S.N.P. and M.S.P, and an Independent, who passed in April 2014 was the landlady. (p.s. I used to call in on my way home from work and she used to serve me in her bare feet.)

Another piece of Blantyre’s History bites the dust… After 268 years of being called the Barnhill Tavern, the Oldest Pub in Blantyre is now officially called, “The Hoolet’s”. Hoolet's Nest

The Hoolet’s
113 Bardykes Road
G72 9UH
Tel: 01698 824 347

Your host Mick Flynn and Staff giving you a warm welcome.

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland~~~

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