St Blanes Football Team 1977

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St Blane’s Football Team 1977

Clean sweep of all competitions entered.

St Blane's Football Team 1977

Sent in By Terry McCrory

Top left to right MR Gologly, (teacher & manager)   players: George McLaughlin, Brian Hughes, Paul Ducie, Brian Fallon (goalie), Stephen McHugh, Patrick Gallacher, Peter Bonner, & Mr O’Niell (Headmaster)

Bottom Row left to right: Neil McArthur, Paul Murray, Terry McCrory, Stephen Kelly, Mark O’Farrell, Stephen Fallon.

We went undefeated through the full season, we won the League Shield the County Cup, which we won 1-0 at Cambuslang Rangers park. I think Stephen Kelly scored the goal from halfway line I ran in on their goalie and ducked at the last second, needless to say the ball went in the net. I remember back at the school gates they put irn bru in the cup and we all got a drink.

We shared the Shinwell cup 6 months each with St Peters after 2-2 draw in 90 min then 3-3 aet.

The ref and the teachers decided to share the cup and not have penalties because it was a right grudge match and they thought that there would be fighting after the match.

The two Fallon boys, are the sons of John Fallon who played for Glasgow Celtic.

Info by Brian Hughes and updated by Terry McCrory

Recognize Anyone? Tell Bill

Jimmy Whelan: Great pic….???

Stephen Pillans: You flying lean mean scoring machine. Until you started on the milk run on the early mornings if you could get out your bed. ??

Stephen Pillans: Ment to say young ???

Claire McAlpine: Who are the teachers Paul? Cx

James Kilcolm: Mr O’Neil headmaster on the right. And Peter Gollogly on the left. If my old memory serves me right.

Claire McAlpine: Thought that James ?? Cx

Ann Crossar: Blaneys always had a great time when we were wee! Spot you right away

Paul Regan: Sent it tae oor Franny, P, he was rhyming a few names aff! Cracking strip that! Some nice retro Scotland tracky taps there as well!


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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