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St Joseph’s R.C. Church

St Joseph's R.C. ChurchSt. Joseph’s School situated in Glasgow Road opposite Stonefield Road. Built in 1878 and was used weekdays as a school and Sundays and Holy Days as a Church.

William Ross wrote: “The layout of the school in the 50’s was that building known as the old school building a gap and the new building. To the right you had boys and girls toilet block. There was a gap and small building. Behind this was the prefabs, this was the junior secondary. The primary school was three sides of square of wooden huts situated to the right of the toilets and before the prefabs. The headmistress of the primary was Miss Duffin and everything was done to the sound of her clicker.”

Father Hackett was appointed Priest in 1888 at the old School Chapel, adjacent to this new build and served in the new Church until his death on 5th March 1921.

Affectionately known as “The Doc”, by his faithful parishioners, they built a new High Alter, which is still there today, in his memory.

St Joseph's Chapel

Mary Crowe Remember Miss Duffin with her clicker.

Morag Campaigne That’s right her name was Miss Duffin, she had black hair and bright red lipstick. Remember her clicker well, she used it to get us all into our lines in the playground.

Anthony Smith I started school in the wooden huts of the Primary school. I can still remember when St. Blanes opened and everyone who lived  on that side of the road moved there. I can also remember moving into Primary 1. Which was the HALF CIRCULAR room on the new building.

Marian Maguire Such a shame this was demolished.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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