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Free Christie Campaign

Free Christie Campaign

While most teenage boys spent 1964 preoccupied with girls, dancing and how to be the new Beatles, Stuart Christie had a much darker purpose. The long-haired anarchist from Glasgow wanted to assassinate Spanish dictator General Franco and was duly arrested on his arrival in Spain.

Back in Blantyre, slogans saying Free Christie, but mostly mis-spelled as Chistie, were daubed on almost every available wall, including the wall where I worked and was subsequently sacked from because of my Christie sympathies. My boss always complained about the long haired Stuart Christie being in the Library every time he was. The fact that I also had long hair at the time did not defend my case when he accused me of the graffiti on his wall.

As Stuart himself says, “Some wag added the words, “Wi a Special Fish Supper fae Vince’s to the Free Christie slogan”, which I think was rather nice as Vince’s was one of Stuart’s favourite hangouts.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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