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Songs for Lord Blantyre’s Wedding

Songs for Lord Blantyre's Wedding

Transcription of document:
Songs in honour of the marriage of Lord Blantyre and Lady Evelyn Levesn Gower by Jervis Forrester, “the Moorland Jew”, October 1843

Forrester, of Cellarhead in Caverswall, sent a petition with these songs to the Duke of Sutherland, the father of Lady Evelyn, in which he described himself as “misarabley poor & destetute of house, lodgings or home or any whear to lay my head”. He asked the Duke to allow him to sing his songs to the wedding guests, together with two others in honour of the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert and “her majesti’s forces and yeoman caverley, wich I well no are the armis of the trew & living God & will never be conqourd”. The Duke’s response is not recorded.

Lines of Marriage of LORD BLANTYRE,
Composed by Jervis Forester, the Moorland Jew.

Ye noblemen and gentlemen of England give an ear,
I’ll sing the praise of the noble Lord Blantyre,
he is of a noble Family and a man of war’s alarms,
His father lost his life at Brussels in the Netherlands,
So wish him much happiness, his lovely bride too,
May they enjoy long life and happiness, at Lennox Love.

To Trentham Hall let’s go, let’s go,
To Trentham Hall let’s go,
To drink the noble couples health,
And Happiness also.

This Noble Lord has got two seats to take his Lady too,
One is Erskine house, the other Lennox Love,
So here’s a health to lord Blantyre, his lovely Lady too,
May they enjoy long life and happiness,
in Erskine house.

Lord Blantyre is a noble man,
and a man of War’s alarms
He has proved himself a courter and victorious in loves arms,
He has taken the pride of Staffordshire and Sutherland also,
Likewise the glory of Old England
much admired by the London beauty,
So success to Lord Blantyre,
may they enjoy happy days on the earth,
And Everlasting happiness,
when their spirits take their flight.

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Lines on the union of Lord
Composed by Jervis Forester, the Moorland Jew

The Noble Lord Blantyre,
Is to the altar taking,
To join in happy wedlock’s bands,
With Lady Lev’son Gower.
To Trentham park let’s go,
And join the happy union of,
Lord Blantyre and Lady Leveson Gower.

To Trentham park let’s go, let’s go,
To Trentham park let’s go,
To taste the good cheer, the Noble
Duke of Sutherland he will bestow.

The Noble Yeoman Cavalry,
Will boldly keep the ground,
All drest in their best uniform,
The drums and trumpet’s sound,
They will fire a feu de joie,
To grace the happy morn,
Lord Blantyre and his Lady fair,
His mansion to adorn,

Newcastle and the neighbouring Villages round,
His Grace’s bounty will welcome,
To his neighbours & friends all round,
With good roast beef mutton, and Warden Pies,
Good ale to Cheer theer hearts,
And wish them health and happiness,
In merry Scotland.

Source: National Library of Scotland


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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