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Cathy McNally glitz & glamSomeone else I thought of as characters of Blantyre is Cathy McNally. She has the shop ‘glitz & glam’ on High Blantyre Main Street. She is perhaps better known as ‘Auntie Cathy’ certainly to me & the vast majority of the children in High Blantyre through their attendance at the Jack Horner play group in Cemetery Road hall which sadly closed last year.

She certainly picked a good name for her shop as anyone one who knows Auntie Cathy would say she is never anything other than glitz & glam! She helps run the woman’s guild still in the cemetery road hall which originated from the mums taking their children to jack Horner. She also works tirelessly for charity, my nephew, Ben who has cerebral palsy, being someone who was not one of her ‘weans’ but who has certainly benefitted from her love & kindness. She is one of a kind.

Karen Nelson


I nominated, on Facebook, Kathie’s Glitz and Glam, Main Street, High Blantyre, as the Best Gift shop in Blantyre, always assured of a warm welcome...

Your Comments:

Anne Campbell Dundas: Love this shop. Every time you go in you are always made welcome. If you need something and Cathy does’t have it, then you can be rest assured she will get for you. Also Barbara does amazing alterations. Cathy is a great inspiration to High Blantyre.
Catherine Carlin: A Special place to shop or drop in for a Wee Natter and catch up or even a cup of tea but let’s not forget Eric her Go for man. Dennis feels for him as he has one just like Kathy the other Cathy they make a great team.
Walter Campbell: very friendly, not like some of them edjits drinking wine and smoking dope.
Deborah Cuthbert: Don’t get up often but it is a beautiful shop, auntie Kathie always will try to get you what you want and it’s never a bother, she’s a gem in our community xxx
Janice Brewster: It is a therapy listening shop as well and she is never too busy to listen she should be recognised for all her community work in blantyre hope the royal household are on Facebook and looking at all her comments xxxxx
Jane Mcguigan: Me too! It’s a great shop, every time I come home from Canada I pop in to see Kathie and her wee shop xx
Jennie Little I agree fab xx
Gina Mcghee: Cathy is always there to help no matter what you need she will get it
Myras Cakes: Fantastic shop with a lovely warm welcome from Cathy.. just what High Blantyre needed…
Jean McIntosh: As well as having lovely gifts, jewellery, scarfs and bags Cathy always gives you a lovely welcome xxx
Marie Barrett Coghill: Fantastic shop love all the stuff xx
Jacqui Brown: Yes totally agree with all comments xx just love my aunty Cath xxx
Sandra Martin: Fab shop xx
Margaret Ann Blakely: Best wee shop ever!! Made more than welcome and auntie Kathy will bend over backwards to get you what you want!!! A special wee shop owned by a very special wee woman!!! xxx
Cecilia Crummie: This is a lovely warm and welcoming wee shop because its owned by a lovely, caring, beautiful lady, she’s loved by the whole of Blantyre u Kathy x
Isabel Mclean: Great shop x
Catrina O’Donnelly: Love it!
Joan Mackenzie: Great shop. Always find something different. The alterations are always so good too.
Lynne Dunsmuir: I’ll second that it’s a true sparkle wonderland…xxx n great quality n valued products…
Jane Higgins: Great shop always made welcome.
Isabell McGinty Cain: My favourite shop and your always made welcome.

Cath Mcinally: Awwwww, just saw this post thank you all so much you are all lovely people xxxxx

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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