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Anna Fotheringham


Anna FotheringhamAnna was born and bred in the old village and she set up the village association that organised darts tournaments, outings for the kids in the summer, any complaints from the village residents. One winter she even got dressed up as Santa and rode about the village in a sleigh. Her devotion to keeping the village a nice community to live in was with her to the end.

She organised christmas dinners for the elderly of the village every year, charity nights for funds for the village association. Her goals were to keep the heritage of the old village and all its history in tact.

She worked hard in her spare time to keep the association going for over twenty years.

Anyone could go to Anna for any problem in the village and she was always there with a sympathetic ear. If it was not for Anna the village today would not be the same.

They took the bus off down the village route and Anna campaigned to get it back on. Little things like this make her stand out.

She loved the village and we loved her as neighbours.

I can think of lots more things she did so if you want any more just let me know.

Thanks Bill, it would mean so much to me if you would put her on your website Rena xx

Nominated by Catherine Davner




Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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