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Another bite sized chunk of Blantyre History

From Forrest Street, Glasgow Road ran west for about 200yds
down till it met Clark Street, as seen in the photo on page 34
‘OLD BLANTYRE BOOK’. The pub on the corner was the Wellington.

On this block from Forrest Street to Clark Street again all two storey
type tenement homes, there were a couple of stores which I remember very well.

 The Wellington Bar - Glasgow Road at Clark Street
 Templeton's The first was “Tempelton’s” this store was unique in that
they would display a lot of their dry goods in shelves and
canvas bags on the pavement directly outside the store,
and as you can imagine this was asking for trouble with
us kids around. I recall many a stolen mouthful of Oats,
Carrot, Peapod’s, Dog Biscuits, you name we stole and eat it.
In them there good old days there was very little of packaged
goods, mostly everything came in bulk, and most of that was in canvas bags and wooden casks.

The butter arrived in a cask probably weighing around 100lbs it was hoisted by hand up on the the marble counter top where the cask was stripped away. The butter was wrapped in cheese cloth which had to be wetted down and stripped off.

The butter was hand cut and shaped with two wooden paddles, again into the size required by the costumer. You have to remember that there was no refrigeration then and things could get rather sticky, so a fair amount of water was being used to counteract the stickiness.

The Cheese was in a rounded ball of about 50 lbs,
this too was up on the counter, outer layers of cheese
cloth stripped off and duly cut into the proportions
required by the customer. The hand cutting of cheese was done with a piano type wire.
 Butter & Cheese

Note from Bill: One of my jobs on a Saturday morning at Norris’s grocers on Glasgow Road was to strip the cheese of its cheesecloth using a very sharp knife, sometimes easy but often quite difficult because the cheesecloth was stuck so hard to the cheese.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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